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The Old City Hall / Museum of Toronto Gift Shop

A Starting Point


Caribou Concepts began in late 2019 as a micro-business for adapting my collection of vintage Canadian commercial art into modern uses -- starting with luggage tags (see: "All Products").

Unfortunately, some people felt that my tags would fall off.  Yet with a bit of fiddling, a co-worker of mine has kept the King George Hotel porter tag on his backpack for more than two years.  My own luggage with the same tag has survived air travel.  On the train to Laguardia Airport in 2019, a woman from Vancouver asked me, "Are you from Toronto?"

The great retouching and formatting work was done by Joe Carubba of Adfactor Print + Design Future products may include stickers and/or fridge magnets.  (Guess which image could include the text: "Beware of Cat"?)  

Imagining New Products for a Non-existant Shop


The City of Toronto plans to create in this National Historic Site: a Museum of Toronto, a Toronto Public Library branch, the City's Wedding Registry Office and Chapel, plus rental space for shops, restaurants and other commercial uses.

Because I love museum giftshops, I've had the fun of imagining in this site's blog some of the items that I would love to see in the future Old City Hall / Museum of Toronto Shop -- especially based on antique Toronto commerical art that I own. 


Meanwhile, readers should visit the Toronto History Museums Shop at: and Spacing: Toronto's City Store at:

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