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OCH / MoT SHOP: Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate Mugs

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Available for adapting into Torontocentric caffeine mugs are these antique tins.

City directories in the Toronto Reference Library help explain White Swan Coffee's many labels. Its owners seemed to change their minds a lot. White Swan Baking Powder Co. came into being in 1902, became White Swan Milling Company in 1903, then White Swan Mills in 1904, then plain old White Swan in 1913 and finally White Swan Spices & Cereals in 1920 before disappearing after 1930, presumably because it became a casualty of the Great Depression.

If any Friends of Old City Hall think that chunky mugs featuring a White Swan Coffee tin design should be offered in the OCH Gift Shop, they can help decide which is the best logo. I am torn between the one in the middle and on the right.

The Ocean Blend Tea tin deserves to be turned into a big, fat tea mug – ideally box-shaped – with a long, comfortable handle suitable for every skipper at the wheel of his or her own yacht, fishing boat, motor launch, ocean liner, canoe etc.

Patterkrisp candy bars are said to have tasted like Crispy Crunch bars “only better”.

Imagine drinking hot chocolate out of a green mug with the delighted boy design and the encouraging words "TASTES LIKE MORE" (plus "Patterson Chocolates, Toronto)...

Imagine if people could enjoy hot chocolate out of such mugs in a café in Old City Hall after skating in front of New City Hall... (What would anyone think of specializing in mint-flavoured hot chocolate, like that served in Cafe Florian in Venice?)

Imagine if the cafe offered dairy and vegan versions of hot chocolate (with dairy or coconut whipped cream OR regular or vegan marshmallows melting on top)...

Imagine if the Old City Hall/Museum of Toronto Gift Shop sold VEGAN hot chocolate mixes (because these are hard to come by) featuring the delighted boy design?


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