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OCH / MoT SHOP: Colour-Your-Own-Cards

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

For these graphics, I am grateful to Jamie Bradburn writing about Patterson Candy Co. ads in the Toronto humour magazine "The Goblin" in 1924-1925. They were a revelation!

Given the popularity of adult colouring books, it occurred to me that some of the ads would be good to reproduce as colour-your-own cards using paper amenable to the use of coloured pencils. (See also blog "OCH / MoT Sweets Shop").

I also found a full page cartoon by Harry Moyer which proves that nothing has changed in 100 years:

"The Bride... as she appears: TO HER RIVALS (a cat), TO HER LADY GUESTS (just the wedding outfit, minus the bride), TO THE BRIDEGROOM (a bride with angel wings), TO HER YOUNGER BROTHER (a crab) and TO HER PARENTS (a little girl).

"The Groom... as he appears: TO (SOME OF) HIS MARRIED FRIENDS (a nut), TO THE JEWELER, THE PREACHER ETC., ETC. (a dollar sign), TO THE BRIDE ('IT'), TO HIS CONFIRMED BACHELOR FRIENDS (a fish about to chomp on a baited hook) and TO HIS NEAREST RIVAL (a chunk of Swiss cheese)."

Reproduced on an 8 x 11" card, folded in half and either coloured in or left uncoloured, I think this cartoon might be fun to send instead of traditional wedding cards.

I'm sorry that I didn't also print out the Patterson's ad of three women enjoying a picnic on a breezy summer day. Are there other ads that readers think would sell well in the OCH / MoT Shop?

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