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OCH / MoT SHOP: For the Kids

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Busloads of school children will eventually pour through Old City Hall and the Museum of Toronto. What affordable items can be offered for young people to buy besides those discussed in the blog posts of "OCH / MoT SHOP: Sweets" and "OCH / MoT SHOP: TTC Trinkets"?

The existance of over 400 , colourful, collectable, chocolate bar cards made by Toronto's own Cowan's Cocoa Company in the 1920s and by Patterson's Chocolates into the 1960s provide an answer. Their themes include Canadian-specific Mammals, Birds, Fish, Wildflowers, Tree Leaves and Seeds and Military uniforms, plus long-forgotten "Notable Cats", Dogs, Chickens, Butterflies, Airplanes, Peoples of the World and aspects of scouting, swimming and hockey.

What adaptations of these images might be of interest to children or even adults in the 2020s? Would kids be interested in reproduction collectable cards to swap? Would they rather have them in the form of postcards, individual stickers or sheets of stickers (such as for school projects)? Would some adults like plant and animal stickers for scrapbooking? Would gift shops of other Canadian museums, galleries and/or parks want some versions of these graphics? Much needs to be explored.

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