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Blue Cats Luggage Tag

Blue Cats Luggage Tag


A clear vinyl luggage tag, 11.5 x 7.5 mm / 5 x 3 inches, with a loop and a card insert with text space on back.

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    The Cowan Co. Limited of Toronto created a "Noted Cats" series of 24 miniature cards for inclusion in chocolate bars in 1925.  The card backs are in English and French:

    HIS MAJESTY OF WHITEHALL:  Owned by Mrs. Clark of Batheasten, and is a very pale Chinchilla of immense size and possessing a massive head.  His father was the noted Tod Sloan, and his mother, the Seraph, is well known in the Fancy Show.  His kittens inherit his beautiful qualities of coat and color.

    CHAMPION MISS TOODLES:  She is the most beautifully marked Silver Tabby, short hair, and has done a lot of winning, frequently gaining the special honor for the best cat in the show over the long-haired specimens.  She is absolutely pure in color and is exquisitely shaped in head and limbs.

    TAM-O-SHIAN IV:  This is another cat of high repute.  He is a magnificent type of Siamese, even in color, with deep seal points.

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