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Tabby Cat Luggage Tag

Tabby Cat Luggage Tag


A clear vinyl luggage tag, 11.5 x 7.5 mm / 5 x 3 inches, with a loop and a card insert with text space on back.

  • Details

    The Cowan Co. Limited of Toronto created a "Noted Cats" series of 24 miniature cards for inclusion in chocolate bars in 1925.  The card backs are in English and French:

    OTHELLO BLACK PERSIAN:  At the time this painting was made, Othello was three years old.  It has recently won in New York, the world's championship for this class.  The Painting was presented to its owner by admiring friends.  It is said to be a wonderful specimen quite domesticated and a great pet of Children.

    CHAMPION BLACKWELL JOGRAM:  This cat was the first Smoke champion, and the winner of many first prizes, medals and specials.  At the Crystal Palace Show in London, England, this fine cat won the special offered by the Duchess of Bedford for the best smoke cat.

    COMMON TABBY CAT:  These cats thrive much better in the country than in the city: wood-mice, and small birds being their prey.  They grow to a large size and mature when about 12 months old.  Of all domestic cats, these are the most common.


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